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 Kunshan Vataple Kone Escalator Equipment Co.,Ltd

Kunshan Vataple KONE Escalator Equipment Co., Ltd was established in early 2004 jointed by Vataple Ltd. and Finland KONE Corporation, which specialized in making escalator trusses and elevator components for KONE Corporation which is the world famous elevator manufacturing company.
We have over 550 employees, including professional engineers, experienced sheet metal processing workers and professional welders, they have welding certificates in Europe and North America: EN287-1 welder certificate and CWB welder certificate which is issued by Canadian Welding Bureau. The international welding engineer and the international welding quality inspector, also hold the certificate of the welding engineer and the welding supervisor of the Canadian Welding Bureau. We also passed the qualification authentication of DIN18800-7 and EN1090-2 large steel structure welding enterprise in Duisburg, Germany, and certification of steel melting and welding enterprises in Canada Welding Bureau and ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
We have advanced management system, in line with the principle of "customer first and quality based". The quality system is managed in accordance with KDA6.3 system (KDA6.3 is the total quality management system of automotive industry).
We take customer service as the center, take the customer's actual business demand as the guidance, start from the customer interest and provide perfect solution for our customer. Vataple KONE Escalator Equipment Co., Ltd. is appreciate to have the chance to cooperate with you for the steel structure production and manufacturing industry and we also undertake all kinds of manufacturing business. Welcome to contact with us!
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