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Legal Notices

 Thank you for visiting this website (vataple.com.cn) provided by vataple group (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). After browsing the website, please read this legal statement carefully. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions or the modification of this site, please stop using this service. Once you use the contents of this website, including but not limited to browse the web, download website, use links to third party websites provided by this website, it is deemed that you have understood and agreed to all terms and conditions of this legal statement.

Unless the relevant laws and regulations permit or obtaining the consent of the company, the information on this website and any of its components shall not be re-edited, copied, or used without agreement of company for  any commercial purpose. If the company determines customer behavior is illegal or detrimental to this website and the company's legitimate interests, the company will reserve including but not limited to refuse to provide services, freeze or delete member account, take legal measures of rights.
the site links to third party sites
When necessary, this website will provide the hyperlinks to other website of the third side or guide service, or through the frame and other means to provide the content of third party website, the "content" including but not limited to materials, documents, information, communication, software, pictures, charts, logo, design, sound recording, video and sound as well as any other information provided by this website.
Linking to third party sites is very convenient. The company reserves the right to terminate the links to third party websites rights at any time. Products and services linked to the sites, the content of the web site and its description or offers are not controlled by the company, so the company is not responsible for any site and the content, products or services of the site (including further links to third party websites). Once you have decided to use any linked site, attention should be paid to the terms and constraints of conditions, and to take preventive measures in order to avoid viruses or other destructive factors in landing or use of the website. For any loss you log in or use the site generated, at your own risk.
The company for any linked site or its contents, description or any product or service without any warranty or representation, and does not make any approval or suggestion. Unless expressly stated or agreed to the company, the company will not be reached between you and any linked site provider of any agreement of the parties. This company is not responsible for the loss caused by any damage due to any linked site, product, service, any interruption delay, holes or negligence (whether the damage or loss is the direct, indirect, special or accidental). Links to third party sites appear on this site does not mean that the company or the site connected, or has been legally authorized use display links to sites or through its link to any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright.
Third party sites link to the site
Third party sites on this site, does not necessarily mean that the company makes a sort of approval, authorization, sponsorship to the third party, or that it belongs to the associated enterprises, the company's joint ventures,  cooperative enterprises or business partners. In most cases, the company does not realize that the third party has been provided on this site.
3 forward-looking statements
This website may contain certain forward-looking statements, such forward-looking statements, including but not limited to: statement about the company business strategy, a sales network expansion plan (including related to capital investments), plans for the development of a new generation of productive technology and other technology and its application; rate changes expected impact on business performance of the company's, the effects of competition on the business performance of the company's, and the company's future business development and business performance in relation to others. In the use of "expected", "believe", "forecast", "expect", "intend" and other words of similar statements, all related to the company, the aim is to indicate its forward-looking statements.
These forward-looking statements essentially have considerable risks and uncertainties. The company cannot guarantee that it will update these forward-looking statements constantly. Such forward-looking statements reflect the view towards future event in company's current state, which does not constitute a guarantee for future business performance. Actual results may be a little different from forward-looking statements due to many factors, these factors include but not limited to: the further adjustment of industrial structure of the small household electrical appliances in Mainland;  the approval and permission required from the government; the demand of products and service and the impact on prices brought by competition ; we develop and obtain the ability of new technology and its application; and whether have the qualified management and technical personnel and other factors .
4 privacy protection
the collection of personal data 
Users in the condition of anonymity have the access to this website and its information. Before providing personal information requested, this website will explain the use of these information. The company can only use and collect user’s personal data in a fair, the necessary legal way with the legitimate purposes and the acquisitionof consent of users. This site may send free information to the user according to the user's name, address, telephone number, e-mail and other information, or give users a call based on real effective telephone number users leaved before. Users have the right to decide how to dispose of any information from us, or don't answer our initiated call. For the damage caused by the user’s self treatment or resist to answer our phone, assume no liability in our company.
when registering the site, the user shall in accordance with the prompt service registry provides true, correct and complete, and latest information, and ensure that personal data can be updated timely, the company does not undertake any responsibility for the damage caused by user providing wrong and incomplete personal information. The company reserves the right of recourse.
(2) The use of personal data
The company has the right to use the personal information you provide for internal business, such as promoting the company's business, the products, services, daily operation and management, monitoring the use and safety  of this site, the implementation of internal control, and the preparation of statistics, for the purpose of planning and design; or services and products for customers to use; or promotion (including direct sales and Market Research); or confirming, checking and / or document and maintaining communication and promotion of the contact list; or resolving disputes, troubleshoot problems and the implementation of this legal statement; or making the participants of business activities, affiliated participants or the assignee evaluate the company's business or the project related to the transformation; or with other purpose directly related to any of the above .
Based on the above purpose, user who have access to profile, is not limited to the company, including company authorized, any of the company's Affiliated Companies, or Associate Companies, business partners and professional consultants related to the company's business and business activities, or any agent, contractor or third party service provider that provides administrative, or related to the company's business and business activities, telecommunications, computer, payment, content, information services and other services.
(3) The disclosure of personal data
This website will take reasonable and safety measures to protect user’s personal information, before obtaining the approval of the user, it is not allowed to provide any personal information of the user to any third party , except for the following circumstances:
- According to the laws and administrative regulations, authorities have the right to request.
- Because of users’ improper way to protect their own information, the user’s non-public information is leaked.
- due to network, hacker attacks, computer viruses and other causes, the data is leaked, lost, stolen or tampered.
- In order to protect the rights or property of site user.
- In case of emergency, in order to protect this website or its users’ personal and public security.
- Other special or emergency situations.
5 The protection of intellectual property rights
The website domain name, trademark, trade name, information, text, graphics, images, voice, links, software and all other content is provided by the company, its content providers and third party licensee. The company, respectively the content providers and third party licensees have the contents of the intellectual property rights according to the specific conditions.
Except being provided by law or agreed by the parties, without the company and / or other rights prior permission, a person shall not in any form by any means (including but not limited to, electronic, mechanical copying or recording, copy, display, modify), transfer, distribute, redistribute, download, display or transmit the contents of this website.
Without the company's prior permission or trademark, any unit and individual shall not in any way or excuse use, copy, modify any part of trademark, trade name or mark the site.
6 Disclaimers
The information provided by this site, is only for reference, not for any commercial purposes. This site does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness of the information. The company and its employees shall not take responsibility for users due to sending errors or providing incorrect information in any way. To the extent permitted by law, the company does not undertake any responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, subordinate, punitive damages (including but not limited to income, expected loss of profit or lost business, or not achieving the desired saving) because any person use or doesn’t use the information provided by this site or any link. The company reserves the right to decide any error or omission in any part of the original site. The company may make any other changes on the website, the website content and product, project, service prices at any time without notice.
The information, content, software and materials available on this website are provided "according to the original" and do not contain or imply any properties of the representations or warranties express. In the maximum range permitted by law, the company does not make any express or implied representations and warranties, including but not limited to the guarantee related to the relevant safety, accuracy, completeness, merchantability, non infringement, suitable for any particular purpose or without a computer virus. You should bear all the responsibility and risk for using this website.
If the following occurs, this site does not bear the legal liability for the direct or indirect loss of user.
- Business interruption.
- Cannot visit the site, or visit the web site of the delay or disruption.
- Data cannot be transmitted, sent inaccurately, damaged, lost or changed
- Any loss or damage suffered by dealing with links to other sites or the existence of links to other sites.
- Computer virus, the possible failure or dysfunction of system (including links to third party websites or links to third party websites) due to using the website.
- The disclosure or revelation user’s personal data caused by six cases stipulated in third of the fourth article in this legal statement.
- The user’s loss caused by other reasons of force majeure or the company cannot control.
7. The change, suspend or terminate of the service
This site will be as far as possible in advance notice, in case of the need to suspend network service for system maintenance or upgrade.
If any of the following circumstances, the website has the right to suspend or terminate network service without notifying the user at any time and refuse that users on the present and in the future use the whole or any part of the services of the site:
- provide any incorrect, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, or this website has reason to suspect that the data are incorrect, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading;
- The user violates the law or the rules related to the use of agreement.
In addition to the above situation, this website also reserves the right to suspend or terminate all or part of the network service without prior notice. The company should not take responsibility for any loss caused by interruption or termination of all service, except being stipulated by law or agreed by the parties.
8 Article modifications
The company retains rights to modify and add or delete any content of this legal statement at any time. Every time you log in or use this site, which are deemed to have agreed to the restriction of the effective terms. Therefore, every time you log in or use the site, you should view the date of this legal statement, and check with the modifications of the previous version.
9. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The formulation, execution and interpretation and settlement of disputes this legal statement declares shall be governed by the laws of PRC. The two sides due to the use of this site generated controversy, the consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court in the locality of the company.
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